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I hope you enjoy some of my music. I started composing in the summer of 2002, so visit often for more new songs. I wish I had more time to compose, but it is difficult with a growing family and a full-time job.

Hint: To hear the song, click on Sample, mp3 or midi after the title. Listen to the MP3 format for the most realistic sound. MIDI sound quality depends on the soundcard on each individual computer and may not sound very good. Check out my Links page for TiMidity++, the great FREE midi player/converter that I use when I listen to midi files. I use it to create all of the MP3\'s you hear of my music on this page. I also have recorded and engineered a complete Sax Section soundfont. You can hear some samples and get it on my LINKS page too.

Waltz of the Ghouls - Cinematic (3:00) mp3 midi )
Come join me in the Grand Ballroom of the haunted house! Picture the ghosts and ghouls playing in the orchestra and waltzing to this piece on the floor and in the air. Sit back and enjoy the whimsical scene as you listen.

Love & Adventure - Cinematic (5:38) mp3 midi )
What is a good movie without a little Love and Adventure? This cinematic piece has a 3 minute Love Theme followed by a transition to an Adventure Theme. The Adventure Theme was written in the spirit of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"...

Young Monk - Cinematic (3:14) mp3 midi )
This won 1st place in the cinematic July 2003 Pixel Arts Midi Contest and also received a highly coveted TQA (Total Quality Award). The Young Monk is getting bored with the same old routine, day after day, week after week, month, after month. One day in the middle of the normal rituals, he lets his mind briefly escape to his wilder days before he entered the Monastery. He quickly returns back to reality, but with a new realization that he can escape anytime he desires..

Time Travel: Maiden Voyage - Cinematic (4:10) mp3 midi )
Second theme in my Time Travel series. 1st place in the cinematic January 2003 Pixel Arts Midi Contest, and 1st Place in the April 2003 Raves & Waves Contest. The Time Machine is almost built when our brilliant Professor finds out his wife has a terminal illness related to a virus she contracted 20 yrs ago on a trip to Africa, before they met. Now he must go back in time immediately and stop her from going to Africa, even though the Time Machine is not quite ready. His maiden voyage starts out smoothly, but soon gets quite rough. He is thrown about in the Time Machine and hits his head just after passing through the Time Barrier (marked by the moment of silence). He is dazed, and falls into a semiconcious dream-like state. (Close your eyes and "dream" along during this section as you are passing thru time.) Fortunately, he barely awakens just moments before the Time Machine arrives.

Time Travel: The Discovery - Cinematic (3:04) mp3 midi )
This is the first in a planned series of pieces around Time Travel. It won 1st place in the cinematic October 2002 Pixel Arts Midi Contest. It is about discovering an idea for a Time Travel machine. As with many great ideas, it comes during a quiet time of reflection and quickly takes on an exciting life of it's own.

Quartet for Saxophone - Chamber Ensemble (2:36) mp3 midi )
My first Saxophone Quartet. It is kind of a light, jazzy, canon. I wrote this to demonstrate the new Saxophone Section soundfont that I recorded and engineered. You can get it on my Links page.

Concerto for Horn Mvt I - Neo-Classical (1:30) mp3 midi )
Short movement for Horn in kind of a Mozart style.

Out of the Mood - Big Band (2:50) mp3 midi )
This is based on the Glen Miller standard In The Mood. I wrote it for a good Jr. High School Jazz Band. It is not extremely original, but just plain FUN!!!

Executive Office - TV Theme (1:50) mp3 midi )
This could be used as a theme for Military, Government, or Executive Office show.

Space Adventure - Cinematic (1:20) mp3 midi )
One of my first compositions. If it makes you think of Star Wars or Star Trek, then I accomplished what I wanted.

Slasher - Cinematic (Horror) (3:00) mp3 midi )
My daughter loves the Slasher Movies, so I wrote this theme for her. (Requires XG midi)

Christmas is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Original Christmas Carol (3:00) mp3 midi )
This is an original Christmas Carol that I wrote for my lovely wife. Here are the Lyrics if you want to try to follow along.
I added a 2 minute arrangement of some of my favorites as an intro. You can hear that mp3 version here.

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